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LUK Scaffolding Ltd design and errect the safest access solution scaffolding using latest iso standard tubes and fixings.
Our company operates and erects scaffolding in Richmond. Our specialist and well trained staff in errecting and dismantling scaffolds and traditional scaffolding professionaly.

We provide bespoke residential and commercial scaffolding and access solutions from small to big projects for construction contractors, builders.
We erect every scaffolding structure with precise construction and safe for pavements and minimum distraction to business owners.

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When we design and erect every scaffolding structure, we make important attention to safety measures of our staff as well as pavement users.
Dismantling process of every scaffolding is swift and minimum distraction to everybody.

Scaffolding Erectors Richmond Scaffolding Services Access Solutions Temporary Roofs

All our bespoke errected scaffolding structures are fully completed in-time in your site in Richmond. No matter how complex is access solutions is required we can
design and errect scaffolding fully complaint uk laws.

LUK Scaffolding Ltd offers the full service scaffolding, managed by project managers for quality & safety check.
For commercial and corporate customer of London we offer our services from initial meet up and evaluation, throughout errecting design stage and lastly to dismantling.
Once scaffolding structures are erected, your scaffolding is will stand safely and installed to your site at agreed plan and timescales.

All our scaffolding services are safe and secure

Commercial / Corporate Scaffolding Contracts
Residential refurbishment scaffolding
Independent bespoke access towers for scaffolding
Bespoke stair access solutions for scaffolding structures
Temporary roof scaffolding
Internal scaffolding services

Traditional British standard ISO certified scaffolding parts will be erected following best safety measures and standards in your premises and building sites in Richmond.

We will take extra care designing and planning of scaffold structure at your commercial premises and residential property.
Every access solution structure of scaffolding and stair case access is designed safely.
We take into account every aspect of your external appearance when we errect every scaffolding structure.
Offering the best possible access solutions, temporary roof structures to be designed to fit any scaffolding projetcs and contracts.

Our safe and secure bespoke scaffolding structures can perfectly suit private building contractors and sub contractors who require simple or complex structures.

For residents and commercial contractors of Richmond if you are looking for a bespoke traditional scaffolding.

We design and errect bespoke access solutions and scaffolding structures. The level of expertise in errecting scaffolding structures we gained along the years of experience is immense.

Our specialist scaffolding errecting service is insured with 5 million british pounds.

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Contact Details

LUK Scaffolding Ltd, 49 Moreton Tower Lexden Road, London W3 9NG, United Kingdom (UK)Phone: 0207 859 4631 Additional phone number: 0744 9977 831 Email: info@lukscaffolding.co.uk